First Cow

Kelly Reichardt is known for her movies having a slow pace. Her films like Night Moves & Meek’s Cutoff have a deliberate stillness that serves those films. What sets apart First Cow, in this reviewer’s opinion, is that not only does the deliberately slow pace serve the film, it is absolutely necessary. More on that… Read More First Cow


Aging is inevitable. It comes for us all. When framed as a horror device, it can look like a vengeful spirit lurking in our lives, haunting our dreams and our hallways. First time feature film director Natalie Erika James aims to show us exactly that, and succeeds. When Kay (Emily Mortimer) is informed by the… Read More Relic


The small town of Deerlaken, Wisconsin has become ground zero for America’s political circus when the video of a retired Marine Colonel (Chris Cooper) goes viral. The video shows the Colonel standing up for the town’s undocumented workers. Top Democratic strategist Gary (Steve Carell) is made aware of the video and seizes the opportunity to… Read More Irresistible


Emerson (Casey Dillard) is a driver for Ferry (think Uber or Lyft). As she drives her routes, between cranky and inconsiderate customers, she passes the time by practicing her standup routine from her experiences with various passengers. These first moments are fun and light, Dillard is great when she is by herself. She has her… Read More Driven

Da 5 Bloods

Spike Lee is no stranger to speaking his mind or tapping into issues of racial tension and inequality. He does it extremely well, now and in the past. As an added bonus, in Da 5 Bloods he goes out of his way to teach his audience by way of glorious flashback scenes with Chadwick Boseman.… Read More Da 5 Bloods